Patrick County Chamber of Commerce, Stuart, Virginia
Patrick County - Stuart, Virginia - Blue Ridge Mountains
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The Chamber of Commerce is stacking the deck in favor of Patrick County and you’re our ace in the hole! Can we deal you in?

We will be creating customized decks of cards to raise money for our upcoming Chamber Casino Night happening later this year!  We want to lay all of our cards on the table, our intention is to have local businesses and organizations sponsor a card, as an opportunity to, not only support the work of the Chamber, but for continued advertisement for your company.  These playing cards will be sold throughout the county and will serve as a perfect novelty item to play with for years to come. We invite you to be a part of this unique fundraiser for our chamber of commerce!

As a Chamber member incentive, members get to draw first, don’t be lost in the shuffle, act quick.

How to play:

Cash in your chips for the opportunity to highlight your business/organization on one of the cards featured in our custom deck of playing cards

Playing cards are broken into two tiers, outlined below:

$50  Number cards (2-10) 36 cards available

$100 Face cards (Jack-Ace, Joker) 18 cards available

Follow the link below to view available cards. Select the card in which you’d like to feature your business/organization and purchase it.

Click here to purchase your card

How to win: 

Once your card has been purchased, we will reach out to you to share graphic and photo needs. We are working with a local photographer, so if you do not already have a photo of your establishment, we will work together to have one taken.

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